The Johnsons - Gypsies For Life

Punk Rock from Edmonton, Canada


Hello Everyone!

We're going to JAPAN! That's right, our very first Japanese tour kicks off October 4 at the HMV in Takasaki, Japan! As I write this, I am actually packing my suitcase. We are unbelievably stoked to finally tour overseas, after so many trips across Canada! Check out the tour dates to the right to see everything that's happening! YEE HA!

Also, don't forget to check out The Johnsons Official YouTube channel. We'll be putting up plenty of tour upates from the road as we go!

But that's not all! We're going to do some more dates back in Canada soon, so check out the tour section to the right.

Don't forget, we've got tons of hot merchandise available in the Johnsons Online Store, including Gypsies For Life Skateboards!!


Tour Dates

Oct 4 - Takasaki, Japan - HMV In-store

Oct 5 - Gunma Minakami, Japan - Canyons

Oct 6 - Tokyo, Japan - Shibuya Tau Kitchen

Oct 7 - Shizouka, Japan - Namazu Wave

Oct 8 - Nagayo, Japan - Zion

Oct 9 - Kyoto, Japan - Whoopee's

Oct 10 - Koube, Japan - Blue Port

Oct 11 - Osaka, Japan - ClubDrop

Oct 12 - Yokohama - Japan - HMV In-store

Oct 13 - Kanagawa, Japan - Zagyou-Z

Oct 14 - Tokyo, Japan - Shinjujku ACB

Nov 9 - Red Deer, AB - The Zone

Nov 16 - Calgary, AB - The Castle

Nov 17 - Calgary, AB - The Castle